Quality Assurance

Heattrans Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is committed to meet global standards of manufacturing and will strive for excellence in all areas of business to provide customer delight in domestic and overseas market.

We aim to be a pre-eminent global enterprise and are committed to :

Quality Measures ::

The secret behind the Heattrans' success is our commitment to the customer satisfaction and "how we able to continuously deliver quality products" makes the major part of the "customer satisfaction" pyramid base.

The company utilizes its in-house latest quality measuring equipments embedded so intelligently through out the manufacturing process as shown in following process chart, to ensure the product to meet all requirements.

 Shipping-  Receiving  Raw  Material  Processing  Testing  and QC  In  Process
  Testing and  Inspection   Details
 In-process Details
  Pattern Making   T1 - Dimension Inspection    
  Sand Preparation   T2 - Sand Testing  
  Molding   T3 - Mold & Core
 B3 - Ready Mold for  Pouring
  Melting   T4 - Cup Tes. for CSi,
  CE, Other Chemistry by
  C-Si analy. and Wet
  Lab Method
 C2 - Liquid Metal  Ready for Testing
  Pouring   T5 - Measuring Pouring   Temperature  C3 - Metal Ready for  Pouring
  Short Blasting   T6 - Visual Inspection
   of Casting
  Fattling   T7 - Dimensional and
  Visual Inspection

The company employs well-trained and professional staff to conduct the various types of inspections and quality analysis such as chemical and metallurgical analysis, in-process parameters check, raw material inspection, etc…

Following highlights few points indicating how we maintain the quality standards at Heattrans :