The Heattrans manufacturing facility is located in India's one of the metropolitan city and the most popular industrial area, so called Ahmedabad. The city is located in the center of western state of India, very close to national highways, rail network and the chain international shipping ports. e city provides the highly qualified engineers at the moderate cost with the population over 10 million approximately.

A.   Melting
Type of Furnace
Induction Melting Furnace 1500 KW Inductotherm (Dual Trak)
Hydraulic Lift type Crucible 3 MT Inductotherm
Hydraulic Lift type Crucible 10 MT Inductotherm
Induction Melting Furnace 250 KW Inductotherm (Power Trak)
Hydraulic Lift type Crucible 750 Kg Inductotherm
Hydraulic Lift type Crucible 500 Kg Inductotherm
B.   Moulding
Suitable Weight Range : Up to 10 MT of single job per charge
Process type : 2 Part Phenolic Resin Binder Process
Sand Preparation : Sand Prepared of 2 Part Phenoic Resin Binder Processed through Contineous Sand Mixer
Mould Handling Device : Crane capacity 30 Ton ...2 Nos.,  15 Ton ...2 Nos.,  10 Ton ...1 No.,  5 Ton ...2 Nos.,  2 Ton ...2 Nos.,
Pneumatic Rammer & Chisel : Chicago Pneumatic make
Air Compressor : 120 CFM, 30 HP Ingersoll Rand make....3 Nos.    
C.   Core Making  : 2 Part Phenolic Sand Binder Process
D.   Pattern Shop  :  In-house facility available for carpenter work with good storage facility

Quality Control Equipments :

A.   Chemical and Metallurgical Testing
Type of Instrument Make Capacity
CE Equipment Suyash, Pune Suitable for to measure CI, SGI and Steel before poring
Emersion Pyrometer Suyash, Pune To measure temperature of liquid metal in crucible
Pyrometer (Portable battery Operated) Suyash, Pune To measure temperature of liquid during poring
Wet Lab Method Abroline To determine carbon and Sulfur content
Glass assembly for chemical testing Saber Scientific With muffle furnace, hotplate and other glass apparatus
Spectrophotometer SPECTROMAXx Capable to analyse 35 channels of spectrophotometer
B.   Physical / Mechanical / Microstructure testing
Type of Instrument Make Capacity
Hardness Tester Fasne, Sangli Portable type suitable to measure hardness on job at site with Brinell and Rockwell Hardness unit with ±1% accuracy
Dye Penetration test -- In house facility
Dimensional inspection -- In house facility
Tensile Testing FIE, Bluestar To measure Tensile test, Transverse test, Bend test and Hardness test
Ultrasonic Test -- In house
Radiography test -- Carried out by approved Contractor
Microscope (Inverted type) Vardhan, Pune Suitable for 1500 X with CCD Camera and Image Analysis Software with report printing
Impact Test FINE To measure impact test up to -50 Deg. Celcius