About Us

Heattrans, a leading name for supplying quality products in domestic and international market. The company is located in the metropolitan city of Ahmedabad, the most renowned industrial township in India. The city is well surrounded by the network of rails, national highways, international airports and shipping ports in the midst of the robust infrastructure.

Heattrans is the Fluidtech Group company with its own infrastructure and the common philosophy.

Heattrans is Advance foundry equipped with sophisticated manufacturing facility to undertake Cast Iron, Ductile Iron Casting and Steel Casting as per ASTM, BS, DIN, JIS and Other International Standard.

Our Philosophy

Customer is always right. Satisfying customer needs is the only theme of HEATTRANS. We achieve this by improving our communication with customers, understanding their requirements in first place before committing the service to them and utilizing the latest quality control tools and methods such as ISO, FMEA and Six-sigma. The company thrives in exploring the new ways to satisfy the customer more.

Our Goal

People behind Company ::

C. J. Patel
Chairman & Managing Director
He is the founder of the FLUIDTECH Group and leading the company since 1987. He is considered as a dynamic leader and has a vast experience of 40 years in business and management in the field of engineering. He is always in favor of producing the best quality products and establishing long term relationship with customers by providing endless services.

Ritesh Patel
Marketing Director
A dynamic entrepreneur with experience since 1995 in product development, marketing, sales and service. He has empowered Heattrans Group by the QCS (Quality, Commitment and Service) philosophy and made the Heattrans a very strong market leader.

Mukesh Patel
Technical Director
A mechanical engineer with a degree of Master of Science in Information Technology from the University of Nottingham, UK. He has thorough knowledge of system analysis, system design and implementation. He has the experience since 2004 in Foundry methoding, gating system design, Metallurgy and casting defect analysis.He has given an additional strength and empowered Heattrans by implementation of IT in the engineering sector.

About Foundry

The foundry division of the Heattrans is a state of the art manufacturing facility for Casting.. It focuses on manufacturing the quality sand castings made of ductile iron (SG Iron), steel casting and the CI grade material. Heattrans has set up its own group of expertise to take on the challenging job of producing the quality grade castings. The result is the genius integration of the manufacturing processes with the different quality checks ending in a casting that meets the customer's standards.

Meanwhile the company excels in process and quality to eventually pass on to the customers to make them more competitive in their business. The company is deterministic in working with customers to maintain the quality of the products by appropriate inspections and by coordinating the quality improvement tools such as FMEA. As it has been the ethics of the entire group, Heattrans always maintains the expected customer satisfaction.

The company has the capacity of making casting of 600 MT per month to meet the market demands. The company also has in-house quality measuring equipments such as UTM (Universal Testing Machine), Impact testing machine, spectrophotometer, digital microscope to capture the microstructure, portable hardness tester, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and other key equipments to ensure the final products meeting the customer requirements.