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The foundry division of the Heattrans is a state of the art manufacturing facility for Casting.. It focuses on manufacturing the quality sand castings made of ductile iron (SG Iron), steel casting and the CI grade material. Heattrans has set up its own alternate of expertise to take on the challenging job of producing the quality grade castings. The result is the genius integration of the manufacturing processes with the different quality checks ending in a casting that meets the customer's standards.

Meanwhile the company excels in process and quality to eventually pass on to the customers to make them more competitive in their business. The company is deterministic in working with customers to maintain the quality of the products by appropriate inspections and by coordinating the quality improvement tools such as FMEA. As it has been the ethics of the entire alternate, Heattrans always maintains the expected customer satisfaction...

  • Wind-turbing-Gear-Box
  • Stationary-platen-weighing-13000-kgs
  • split-chain-sprocket
  • flywheel for Jaw Crusher Machine
  • ball-mill-housing-with-fix-base
  • Bearing Housing for Wind Mill

    Bearing Housing for Wind Mill

  • Blade Carrier of Steam Turbine
  • Casing for Dredge Pump_machined
  • Compressor crank case Housing
  • Dia 1900 flywheel and pulley for jaw crusher
  • Die Height Platen of Injection Molding Machine
  • Dome-Valve-Body-and-Ash-Vessel-Casting
  • Dredging Pump Casing_High Chrome Casting
  • Four Throw Frame For Gas Compressor
  • gear mount bottom half
  • solid bars of Ductile Iron
  • Gear Mount top cover
  • integrated-Clamp-Cylinder-Platen-of-injection-molding-machine
  • gear mount top cover 2
  • Pulley of Jaw Crusher Machine
  • Ball-mill-housing-with-rocker-arm

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Heattrans offers best solutions for casting need kind of engineering industry. We offer total solution for supply of finish component from casting development to...


We offers suitable manufacturing technology for a specific component. We also follow suitable QAP and ensure that component is in accordance to QAP to deliver...

Cost Effectiveness

Heattrans workout appropriate cost for any kind of engineering job and discuss. Heattrans workout appropriate cost for any kind of engineering job and discuss with...